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Moriarty’s “Fall”

Someone (on Reddit) asked why Moriarty killed himself. 

Before he offs himself, Moriarty says “as long as I’m alive, you can save your friends.” After Moriarty’s dead, he obviously can’t be assured that Sherlock’s dead, and can’t call off his minions to stop them from killing John, Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade. It would put Sherlock through hell trying to save them (and he’d probably fail) and I’m pretty sure this is what Moriarty would love. To burn the heart out of Sherlock Holmes (I know this is an overused quote, but it’s extremely fitting). This is one the reasons Sherlock pretends to commit suicide in order to throw off the sniper and send the message for Moran? please sniper guy to call off the Moriarty-minion attacks.

Just to expand…this was the one scene that totally came out of left field for me. I kept waiting for the moment Sherlock would wrestle Moriarty over the edge of the building. I personally thought the chosen death for Moriarty was an apt way for him to die. It’s grand and audacious, just like the man himself.

The scene in general was fascinating to me. Great character development. Andrew Scott is chilling—you can just see the manic look in his eye.

And apparently there were no traces of Moriarty’s body found? (this was on John’s blog, I believe). This makes the whole thing even more interesting.

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  2. wassup-holmes said: I don’t trust it! I know we saw it happen but I don’t trust the man. Was it a bluff? Or a double bluff? Or a TRIPLE BLUFF? He’s such a good bogyman I’m going to STILL be looking out for him - and so will John and Sherlock I’m sure.
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