'Detection is, or ought to be, an exact science'

It’s Tumblr. It’s Sherlock. Where better to share the cover of one of our latest Oxford World’s Classics?

This is a new selection of the best Sherlock Holmes stories, which sees Holmes at work from the beginning to the end of his career. There’s lots of  additional background material plus an introduction by Barry McCrea who examines the reasons for the stories’ enduring popularity and Holmes’s rich afterlife on stage, page, and screen.

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He seems like a lovely bloke, that Holmes.


I was just asked if there is a trick to writing a great Sherlock Holmes pastiche. Apart from being honored I was asked that question, I was honored to answer it, and here is what I said.

In order to write a great Sherlock Holmes pastiche, you have to love the characters first.  Passionately.  That is the only absolute requirement, in fact, but one can go further.  You need, as well, an eye for detail—a dog cart is not a hansom, and a gasogene is not a tantalus.  You need to know the terminology.  Next, you need to understand that John Watson is the most important character in the series, period, full stop. Finally, you cannot listen to a word John Watson or Sherlock Holmes says when describing themselves, or you will run into trouble—you need to pay attention to how they act in their actual lives.  People screw up pastiches constantly by making Holmes a misogynist when he is actually very kind to women and feels quite chivalrous toward them.  They screw up pastiches when Holmes is constantly angry and brooding, forgetting that the man plays pranks for the sheer joy of surprising people and is more of a showman than an iconoclast.  But this last bit harks back to my initial advice—love the characters and read the stories often enough, and you will already know that about Sherlock Holmes.



Sherlock’s Violin

Featuring the unsung motivation of Sherlock Holmes - The Violin


Sherlock Holmes’ “retirement cottage”, East Dean, Sussex, England

…The seafaring town of Portsmouth, on the south coast of England, is the place where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first started stockpiling short stories in 1882. He had nothing much else to do at the time, as he was attempting to set up a medical practise and patients were slow to enroll on his books.

Four years later, his first Sherlock Holmes story—A Study In Scarlet—was published, and slowly public interest in this hawkish detective began to grow.

Now Portsmouth is hoping to claw back some public recognition as the spiritual home of Sherlock Holmes with a £25m (about $42m) theme park near Sir Arthur’s old house in Southsea.

Multiverse Sherlock Holmes(es) Fanfic Rec List

Untitled RDJ!Holmes & BBC!John - Anon - Pairing(s): Ritchie!Holmes/BBC!John, BBC!Sherlock/BBC!John - Rated M - Fandoms: Ritchie!verse, BBC!verse 

RDJ!Holmes and BBC!John. I keep imagining bohemian, charming RDJ!Holmes going about seducing an overwhelmed BBC!John, and eventually having his very wicked way with him. 

echoes through time - chellefic - Pairing(s): Canon!Holmes/Canon!Watson, BBC!Sherlock/BBC!John - Rated E - Pairing(s): Canon!Holmes/Canon!Watson, BBC!Sherlock/BBC!John - Fandoms: Canon!verse, BBC!verse.

Mummy sends a trunk from the Holmes cottage in Sussex to 221B. Its contents alter the way John and Sherlock see themselves and one another.

Jumbled - bendingsignpost - Pairing(s): None - Rated G - Fandoms: Elementary!verse, BBC!verse.

This is definitely not the city Joan went to bed in.

Sticks and Stones - robotsdance  - Pairing(s): BBC!Sherlock/BBC!John - Rated T - Fandoms: Ritchie!verse, BBC!verse.

BBC!Sherlock fist fights Ritchie!Holmes.

Bohemian Rhapsody - lizzieraindrops  - Pairing(s): None - Rated G - Fandoms: Elementary!verse, BBC!verse, Ritchie!verse, & Canon!verse.

Jamie Moriarty receives an invitation to dinner, and drags Joan Watson to girls’ night out with three more Irene Adlers.

Dream Kissing Sherlock… Or not? - random_nexus - Pairing(s): Granada!Holmes/BBC!John - Rated T - Fandoms: Granada!verse, BBC!verse.

The mental image of Granada Holmes and BBC Watson kissing kinda makes me giggle and sigh at the same time.


"Here one can see the various artwork used when the Canon was first published–including not only the most well-known drawings of Sidney Paget, but lesser-known artists who illustrated various international editions."

“[Doing the play The Crucifer of Blood] held me in good stead when it came to playing Holmes, having played Watson…it helped me understand Watson’s dilemma. Largely, he sits on the edge and listens. I have always been incredibly kind to my Watsons.”
— Jeremy Brett in a 1991 Los Angeles Times interview.