There is nothing so unnatural as the commonplace.


                                                MALE MUSE

                      In painting, it is soul which speaks to soul.

Eugene Delacroix was among those artists in the nineteenth century who welcomed the discovery of photography. He saw it as something beneficial for art rather than superseding it. Delacroix was the first French painter of quality to espouse openly the idea that photographs were a proper aid for artists . Sometimes, he helped pose models for some of his own photographs.  At least for a few years he used the facilities of an active photographic studio in Paris.

 In 1853, apparently after he became better acquainted with the photographer, Eugene Durieu in Dieppe, his interest in photography increased.   Delacroix stated, “I look enthusiastically and without tiring at these photographs of nude men. This human body, this admirable poem, from which I am learning to read and I learn far more by looking than the inventions of any scribbler could ever teach me”.

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